Why a Pedestal Sink is a Perfect Fit for Your Bathroom Remodel

A lot of thought needs to go into a successful bathroom remodel. Quite apart from making the most of natural light and often limited space, there's the choice of bathroom furniture to consider. Should you opt for an elegant, stand-alone tub, or use the area for luxurious, spacious shower cabinet? Among all this, it's easy to overlook the type of sink you install. However, this is one of the most often-used parts of any bathroom, so it's important to choose wisely. [Read More]

The Five Most Important Kitchen Renovation Steps

A kitchen renovation is a big project that is as challenging as it is exciting. The anticipation you feel while waiting to see your dream kitchen come true can sometimes be overpowered by physical exhaustion and anxiety, especially if the eventual costs exceed the allotted budget. To ensure that adversity doesn't ruin your adventure, follow these five essential kitchen renovation steps Reflect A kitchen renovation will cost you a substantial amount of time, effort and even emotional expenditure. [Read More]

Why Are Bath Lifts a Better Option than Walk-In Bathtubs?

When you start to get older or develop mobility problems, it's common for getting in and out of the bath to become a lot tougher. You can start to lack the strength and flexibility to get in and out without discomfort, and moving around with wet feet when you suffer from poor mobility increases the chance of taking a nasty tumble. With that in mind, you'll probably have considered investing in a walk-in tub. [Read More]

Splashback Solutions for Your Bathroom and Kitchens

Trends are changing and if you are looking to build a home, you need to keep yourself updated. Not only will a good splashback add style to your living space. It will also save you from unnecessary repairs and cleaning. A splashback is used in covering places such as the bathroom sink as well as the kitchen benchtop to accommodate splashing substances. The splashbacks are always easy to clean and waterproof meaning that anything which splashes on them can be easily washed. [Read More]