Why a Pedestal Sink is a Perfect Fit for Your Bathroom Remodel

A lot of thought needs to go into a successful bathroom remodel. Quite apart from making the most of natural light and often limited space, there's the choice of bathroom furniture to consider. Should you opt for an elegant, stand-alone tub, or use the area for luxurious, spacious shower cabinet?

Among all this, it's easy to overlook the type of sink you install. However, this is one of the most often-used parts of any bathroom, so it's important to choose wisely. There are many options available, but a pedestal sink makes an excellent choice for several reasons.

Space Saving

Pedestal sinks use up relatively little floor space compared to counter-top sinks, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms. You may be sacrificing a little storage space beneath them, but the open footprint lends a sense of airy spaciousness to the room, and you can always add other storage options like mirrored wall cabinets in less conspicuous places, such as above the toilet.

Style and Looks

Pedestal sinks are available in styles that fit right in with any bathroom decor. From traditional period models to sleek modern designs, pedestal sinks can be a decor feature in their own right rather than merely playing a supporting functional role.


As they have no restrictions such as the need for matching fitted counters and cabinets, pedestal sinks are extraordinarily flexible and can fit into most types of bathrooms. They're available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials, and they're easier to fit into unusual spaces to make the most of any room's dimensions.

Attractive Storage

Pedestal sinks may not offer the bulk storage options of a cabinet-mounted model, but the space to the sides of the pedestal can easily be used by shallow glass or metal shelving units to provide an attractive way to display toiletry bottles, colourful facecloths, or even ornaments. Unlike wall-mounted types, for example, pedestal sinks are simple to fit into almost any bathroom with a little planning. What's more, the plumbing is neatly hidden away, yet easy to access if there's ever a problem.

Easy to Clean

Lastly, a pedestal sink offers no hidden nooks and crannies that can act as dust traps. To keep them clean, all it takes is a weekly wipe with a damp cloth and a little ordinary liquid soap.

Remodelling your bathroom is a disruptive home improvement project that you won't want to repeat too often, so it's important to get it right from the start. As part of your planning, why not consider a pedestal sink that offers a perfect combination of style, function, and convenience?