Ceiling Showers - Benefits They Offer and Considerations to Have In Mind

Bathroom models remain a popular renovation project for homeowners since these rooms are no longer exclusively utilitarian. A bathroom with features that offer comfort and relaxation will not only be advantageous to your wellbeing but will also dramatically increase the value of your house! Nonetheless, to transform your bathroom into an oasis of solitude does not have to involve a complete renovation. One simple change can provide you with the premium feeling of being in a hotel bathroom right in your home! [Read More]

Choosing The Ceiling Paint Colour For Your New Home

Some call the ceiling the fifth wall, so don't forget about it when choosing the paint colour scheme for your new home. While the possibilities are almost endless, two options are to match the ceiling to the wall colour or to simply go with white. Matching The Ceiling Colour To The Walls The advantage of matching the wall colour is that it creates a smooth continuous flow up the walls and along the ceiling. [Read More]