Ceiling Showers - Benefits They Offer and Considerations to Have In Mind

Bathroom models remain a popular renovation project for homeowners since these rooms are no longer exclusively utilitarian. A bathroom with features that offer comfort and relaxation will not only be advantageous to your wellbeing but will also dramatically increase the value of your house!

Nonetheless, to transform your bathroom into an oasis of solitude does not have to involve a complete renovation. One simple change can provide you with the premium feeling of being in a hotel bathroom right in your home! And that change in installing a ceiling shower. Read on for some of the amazing benefits that ceiling head showers will offer your bathing experience as well as the consideration you should have in mind when deliberating on buying this fixture.

Benefits of ceiling showers

A benefit of ceiling showers that have made them a must-have for homeowners that want their bathroom to ooze luxury is the impeccable style that these fixtures bring to the room. The fixture is a statement piece on its own and once turned on, creates a waterfall effect in your shower enclosure.

Secondly, ceiling showers are quite versatile. They come with an assortment of settings that allow you to enjoy the pressure of the water to your liking! Whether you want high pressure so that you can enjoy a massage in the shower or want the pleasant feeling of soft droplets trickling over your body, you can adjust the settings to your preference.

Thirdly, ceiling showers eliminate the feeling of being cold on one side of your body since the coverage these fixtures offer ensures your entire body is engulfed in water. This benefit makes them perfect for couples that love to take showers together!

Considerations before installing a ceiling shower

If you've set your sights on remodelling your bathroom by installing a ceiling shower, you then have to keep a few things in mind so that you can purchase the right fixture. Some of the things that you need to establish before you purchase your first ceiling shower include:

  • The size of your shower enclosure: One thing to note about ceiling showers is that they will produce a substantial amount of water. Therefore, you need to base the size of your fixture on the space available in your enclosure. Hence, the larger the fixture, the bigger the enclosure should be.
  • Ceiling vs wall mount: Although they are referred to as ceiling showers, some fixture can be mounted directly on your wall instead of the ceiling. Generally, wall mounts are cheaper to install since they do not need additional plumbing, unlike ceiling installation that will require hardware directed upward. Wall mounts will still accord you the rainfall experience since they come with adjustable arms.