Cabinetry Ideas for Your Kitchen Renovation

If you want your kitchen cabinets to stand out, you can remodel them to add interesting elements. Here are several ideas to consider for custom kitchens.

Feature Upper Cabinets

A way to add visual interest to a design is to install feature upper cabinets. For example, install doors with fluted glass panels that have a vertical textured pattern. Glass can be toned in different colours, so you can subtly harmonise it with the cupboards. If they're beige, fit glass with a bronze tinge. Or, for green cabinetry, use standard glass, which has a greenish hint, or opt for a more intense green-toned glass. To make the doors ultra-decorative, you could fit lights inside the cupboards.

Alternatively, glass cabinets can be finished to stand out in another way. Insert a clear glass panel in the door so you have clear sight into the cupboard. Then emphasise the back wall inside with wallpaper or with a bold paint colour. For example, if the surrounding cupboards are a soft mint hue, you could use a deep green for the back wall of the feature glass cupboards. Or you could apply a green-patterned wallpaper.

Two-toned Cabinetry

You might want to experiment with a two-toned cupboard effect by combining distinct colours and finishes. For example, in a kitchen with white walls and cabinets, you could install a row of upper cabinets in a light, creamy oak shade. To create unity in the room, repeat that timber tone on other elements, like on wicker stools that line the kitchen island. Or you could integrate shelves into the kitchen island in the same wood. An alternate option is to use a neutral such as grey for most of the cupboards, and then go for a bold blue or green for the kitchen island cabinets.

Curved Islands

For a unique look for your kitchen storage, why not incorporate curves into the island design? An organically shaped rounded island will contrast with the straight edges of the other storage. You could clad the island in vertical timber strips for a sense of fluidity and movement.

Alternatively, install a stone countertop on the kitchen island with curved corners and cover the underneath with contoured timber detailing that echoes the colour and finish of the other cupboard doors. Or, install a curved stone benchtop that is supported by two massive rounded pillar posts that function as legs.

For more information about kitchen remodeling, contact a local contractor.