Splashback Solutions for Your Bathroom and Kitchens

Trends are changing and if you are looking to build a home, you need to keep yourself updated. Not only will a good splashback add style to your living space. It will also save you from unnecessary repairs and cleaning. A splashback is used in covering places such as the bathroom sink as well as the kitchen benchtop to accommodate splashing substances. The splashbacks are always easy to clean and waterproof meaning that anything which splashes on them can be easily washed. There are various types of flashbacks in the market today. To help you pick the right ones for your bathroom and kitchens, here is a simple guide:

  1. Stone Splashbacks – Stone splashbacks are among the most expensive in the market. This is because they provide a naturally fabulous finish which creates a great look for your bathrooms and kitchen. However, when purchasing stone splashbacks, it is important to consider those which are prone to absorbing substances such as oils and fats. Stone splashbacks come in different ranges which include natural stone and engineered quartz stone. The natural stones are comprised of both granite and marbles. Both have an aesthetic appeal brought about by their unique patterns. Graphite is also robust which brings about a durable surface solutions. 
  2. Glass Splashbacks – Currently, modern architecture is using glass as a new trend with splashbacks. This is because aside from looking great, glass splashbacks offer a lot of colours which can be applied to different house designs. It also does not support the growth of fungus and mould. Glass is also easy to clean and maintain. Just like stone splashbacks, glass is expensive to install. When installing glass splashbacks in places with little children, ensure you order for toughened glass as this is durable and resists breakage.
  3. Paint Splashbacks – When on a tight budget, then paint splashbacks will be your best option. They are versatile and depend on quality to offer service. Good quality paint is used in wet places such as sink areas. If you wish to change splashback colours frequently, then paint is your best option. Some of the disadvantages of paint include the lack of many designs and the difficulty to clean.
  4. Laminate Splashbacks – Another cheap and versatile option for splashbacks is laminate. They are designed in various finishes which can perfectly match with the inside of your bathroom and kitchen. For instance, you can get laminate that looks exactly like marble. They are designed for smooth walls as this is where they can perfectly stick onto. They are also easy to install and maintain. 

Contact a kitchen and bathroom splashbacks specialist for more information and assistance.