Benefits of Natural Stone Tiles in Your Bathroom

If you're undergoing bathroom renovations to create a beautiful space, consider covering the walls and floors in natural stone tiles. They'll help you form a getaway-bathroom in which you can pamper yourself and forget daily pressures. To discover more detail about natural stone's benefits, consider the following.

Offers Design Choices

Natural stone offers many ways for you to personalise the tiling to your home. You'll have lots of options to think about, including granite, slate, marble, and travertine, for example. Rock comes in diverse hues like blue, grey, orange, peach, and ivory. You also determine what tile size and pattern you want to lay across the walls and floors.

To create a modern aesthetic, you could go with large-format tiles, laid close together with narrow grouting. These surfaces look ultra-sleek because the joints are thin and discreet. Plus, large tiles have fewer grout lines that break up the natural stone colours and textures.

Grouting defines each tile and helps to create different patterns. You could use small rectangular tiles and lay them in a decorative herringbone design. Or you can combine variously sized square and oblong tiles to form a classic ashlar pattern.


Another benefit of natural stone tiles is that rock is tough, and it easily withstands daily bathroom wear and tear. Stone doesn't scratch as easily as vinyl flooring. Nor does it rot and warp like timber can. However, make sure to seal your tiles regularly as recommended to prevent moisture from seeping into the tiny holes that cover the surface. The sealant will encase the stone in a smooth protective film.

Complements Diverse Decors 

Stone tiles accommodate diverse aesthetics, so they'll flatter your bathroom regardless of its style. Stone tiles match traditional, industrial, rustic, and modern looks. You could lay down creamy marble in a classic bathroom or use grey and tan slate in an earthen space. If you want to transform the bathroom style in years to come, you could preserve the beautiful tile flooring and redesign around it.


Because stone tiles can go virtually anywhere in the home — including kitchens, living areas, and outside — they enable you to create a cohesive overall design. You could cover the kitchen splashback in tiles similar to those in the bathroom, for example. Additionally, you could spread the same rock across the patio but use thicker pavers instead. Taking advantage of stone's versatility, you could extend the theme to pathways and retaining walls. In this way, your bathroom tiling can be part of a bigger plan.

To learn more, contact a resource that does bathroom renovations.