Are You Good To Go With That Laundry Room Revamp?

Laundry is not everyone's chore of choice. If some people had an option, they would not entangle themselves in washing clothes and other garment cleaning exercises. However, you having the right place to do this task can be the game-changer. It sets the mood right and an ideal space for washing, sorting, drying, folding and storing your clothes. Thankfully, you can revamp your laundry room by bringing practical and straightforward ideas to life. In this piece, you will get all the tips you need to transform your laundry space into a work-friendly environment:

Change Your Flooring

In the wake of all the dirt, splashing water and harsh chemical detergents, a laundry room needs a resilient flooring material. The most pressing concern is moisture, which can come from different sources in the washing area. The washing machine can overflow accidentally and spill lots of water on the floor. You can also wake up to damaged or clogged drainage pipes that send backwash into the laundry room. Therefore, the revamp should help you address all these challenges while providing a warm floor that you can stand on for long hours. Sheet vinyl flooring, porcelain and rugged ceramic tiles are your material of choice for this section. Make sure the material has a neutral colour that is easy to maintain.

Change Your Cabinetry and Storage

It helps to have enough storage in your laundry room. Don't worry if you are one of those people who don't have the luxury of spacious laundry rooms. You can get creative in a couple of ways. Your remodelling here can start with tearing down old, bulky cabinets and replacing them with floating shelves. Standing shelves can also take the place of old cabinets while you can use the space adjacent to washing machines to fit a small cart. The cart will provide room for storing laundry supplies. Install bars at various points for additional space to hang wet fabric.

Change Your Doors

You are still on the creativity wavelength, and this time the focus is on your door. A new door can conserve space and leave room for more useful accessories. Replace an old traditional door with a sliding door, which takes up minimal space.

  • Conclusion

Laundry rooms are often small, and it helps to work with renovation experts who understand the right accessories for a fantastic revamp. Apart from the ideas discussed here, they can add elements such as farmhouse sinks and energy-efficient layouts for your laundry machines to help you make the most of your makeover.

If you are interested in laundry renovations, be sure to contact your local contractor.