Ways to Create a Sense of Spaciousness in Your New Kitchen

A kitchen renovation provides the chance for you to create a welcoming area that feels spacious and open. Regardless of the actual room size, consider the following tips to make the room appear bigger.

Extra Exterior Openings

One way to enlarge the kitchen area is to create more openings and windows. Not only does this give an extended outdoor view, but extra daylight will flow inside, which will also help. You could install a skylight that delivers soft illumination around the kitchen. A skylight captures up to three times the light of a similar size vertical window, as skylights often receive direct light. In contrast, vertical windows often catch reflected light from the adjacent ground or fence. Also, because skylights are in a central ceiling spot, they can convey light to all areas rather than those in front of a vertical window.

Another possibility is a glass window splashback that offers a beautiful outside view. If the kitchen wall faces a fence, you could build a vertical garden to provide greenery. Another project is to replace an opaque door with a glass model. These are available in many styles, from classic French doors to sleek glass sliding designs.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Many flooring options such as stone, ceramic, and timber contain lines where the individual units join. These may be grouting between tiles or joints between planks. Polished concrete, though, presents a continuous, smooth surface without interruptions. Thus, it will help to make your kitchen feel less cluttered and more spacious. Additionally, the shiny veneer will reflect light around the room, making it brighter and airier. Pebbles and stones within polished concrete evoke a natural, organic feel that suits diverse decors. It will look at home in traditional, industrial, contemporary and other styles.

Artificial Lighting

Put a lot of thought into artificial lighting when renovating the kitchen. For a spacious feel at all times of day and night, don't rely on one central overhead globe that creates harsh shadows. Instead, spread numerous recessed lights across the ceiling. They don't hang into the space to create visual clutter. Several muted globes will evoke a more pleasant space than one glary globe trying to illuminate everywhere.

Dim room corners that aren't clearly visible will make the kitchen seem smaller, and recessed lighting will eliminate dark areas. Also, consider under-cabinet lights, which will help to create a comfortable work area. If you want to add a decorative light fixture, you could fit a pendant light over a kitchen island or dining table.