3 Reasons Adding a Sink to Your Kitchen Island Is a Great Idea

More and more homeowners are adding a kitchen island to their homes during their kitchen renovation project. They come with several fantastic advantages, but not many people understand that those benefits can be taken to their fullest potential by adding a second sink to the kitchen island.

Here are just three reasons why.

1. Convenient for Food Prep and Cleaning

Probably the most compelling reason to install a sink in your kitchen island is that doing so makes food prep that much easier. The kitchen island is such a great idea because they are open on all sides, providing a huge spread of work surface on which to prepare your meals.

That means you'll have plenty of space for a second kitchen sink without cutting down on the space you need for working, and you'll find it conveniently placed when you're putting a dish together. If you need to clean some chicken or some veg, the sink is right there beside you. If you need to add some water, you just reach over and turn on the tap. Better yet, you can install the sink without any raised lip around it. When you need to clean up, you can push all the random bits of food into the sink and then turn on the waste disposal to have them eaten up and gone.

2. Perfect for Cooking Together

Many families like to come together to cook larger meals. Alternatively, you might enjoy doing so with your friends. A kitchen island is ideal for such a purpose because people can stand around it and talk more easily than they could ranged along a traditional work surface, unable even to make eye contact. Adding a sink just makes sense since you can bring more people into the fold — if someone needs the sink, they don't need to leave the conversation.

3. Ideal for Kitchens With Multiple Cooks

As great as kitchen island sinks are for cooking together, they can also be a godsend when multiple people are using the kitchen for separate purposes. It might be that you and your significant other are putting together separate meals — you'll probably keep butting into each other over use of the sink. Alternatively, one housemate could be trying to wash their dishes while another simply wants a glass of water. By adding a second sink, you'll make it convenient for more than one person to use the kitchen at once.