4 Reasons to Consider Zinc Benchtops for Your Kitchen

If you're searching for the right kitchen benchtops, you've probably encountered a fair few materials. From natural stone to engineered stone and from stainless steel to timber, there are plenty of options. However, one material you might not have encountered is zinc.

It's not a common choice, but it's becoming more popular with homeowners, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Stunning Appearance

Maybe you've considered chrome or stainless steel for your kitchen but find the appearance a little too sterile. If so, look to zinc. Its duller and more mottled surface looks more like stone than steel, and it brings a certain warmth that most metals lack. It even changes shade as time goes by, developing an attractive blue-grey patina, with hints of greens and golds making the surface look more alive than other materials.

2. Wonderful Malleability

Unlike other metals commonly used to create kitchen benchtops, zinc is quite soft. It is still going to hold up well over the years, but that relative softness makes it very easy to work. If you'd like to have the edges of your benchtop moulded into more elaborate profiles, zinc should appeal to you. It can also be hammered or textured to create a sense of visual depth, and it's an easy material to weld together, so you can create a larger benchtop with no visible seams.

3. Naturally Hygienic

Getting plenty of zinc in your diet comes with a score of health benefits, and it's just as healthy to have zinc in your kitchen. That's because it boasts natural antimicrobial properties, making it resistant to mould and bacteria. You'll be able to prep your food right on the benchtop without worrying about the hygiene factor.

4. Easy to Maintain  

Maintenance should always be something you consider when choosing a kitchen benchtop material. Some options, such as natural stone, may seem incredibly durable and yet require regular refinishing and the use of special cleaners. Luckily enough, zinc isn't like that. It's a completely non-porous material, so spills and dropped food are unlikely to create any stains. Additionally, zinc is very straightforward to clean – all you need to do is gentle swab it down with some soapy water to have your benchtops spic and span.

Zinc benchtops might still be sometime of a rarity, but they look great, resist bacteria, and prove remarkably easy to clean, so why not consider installing them in your kitchen?