Reasons Treated Pine is a Great Building Supply

The broad range of building supplies available when building new homes can make it difficult for some people to narrow down their options. However, if you are looking for a traditional material that has remained relevant throughout the years, then you should consider treated pine. Most recently, there has been an upsurge in pine plantations in Australia as contractors have increased their demand for this material. The following are reasons why treated pine is such a great building supply when constructing a new home.

Treated pine is a renewable building resource

One thing to note about pine is that governmental associations strictly regulate its growth and harvesting. Therefore, you can be assured that using this natural resource for your construction needs will not harm the environment. Moreover, since the pine is sourced from plantations, it translates into a decrease in the demand for timber that is lumbered from natural forest reserves. This approach ensures that the beauty of Australian forestry is maintained for the long-term.

Treated pine is convenient to work with

When choosing construction supplies, it is important to take note of how easy the material is to work with. Materials that are not malleable or that are extremely heavy will require increased manpower to handle. As a result, you end up paying more in labour costs for your project. Treated pine is one of the more convenient building supplies that you could select for various reasons. For starters, the treated pine is soft, making it easy to carve and cut when compared to other solid timber options. Secondly, pine accepts nails easily. Therefore, there will not be instances of the wood cracking or splitting when nails are being driven into the treated pine.

Treated pine is decay resistant

Most people will concur that wood is a tricky building material to work with as it is susceptible to rot. This vulnerability to decay is exacerbated if you live in a region that experiences routine downfall or if your new home build is by the coast where your building supplies will be exposed to sea air. Although this stands true for some timber species, treated pine is one of the resistant varieties that you could select. The treatment process that the pine undergoes functions to make it resistant to high moisture absorption. Thus, although treated pine may cost more than ordinary timber, it makes up for it by guaranteeing the integrity of your structure for years to come.