Top Bedroom Renovations

The bedroom is not the main focus of home renovation. Obviously, kitchens and bathrooms are renovated far more often! However, the renovation possibilities for bedrooms should not be ignored. Options are now available that can transform and add value to a boring sleeping space.

Here are the top six bedroom renovations.

Add an ensuite bathroom.

This is an expensive option, and it entails finding the necessary space, which may be difficult — or even impossible. Nevertheless, the addition of a bathroom connected to the master bedroom (normally) is a huge asset and immediately increases the value of the house. It also improves the livability of the rest of the house by reducing traffic at other bathrooms

Enlarge windows or add new windows.

This is also rather expensive, as it involves working on both the interior and exterior walls. However, it is an effective way of opening up a stagnant space both visually and with respect to air flow. An extra window— especially if it's on a wall that previously had no window— can offer a better view, and the additional ventilation reduces mustiness.

Install built-in shelving or cabinets.

This works especially well in bedrooms— such as those resulting from attic renovations—with a slanted ceiling. The shelving or cabinet occupies the space under the slanted ceiling that was previously of little use. Such built-in storage options also reduce the need for dressers, creating a sleek and open space.

Update the lighting.

Wall lights can be added to each side of the bed, obviating the need for lamps on bedside tables. Another attractive alternative is hanging pendant lights from the ceiling. Lots of stylish options are now available, from chandelier-style units to multiple-lamp teardrop arrangements. The additional lighting can shape new spaces within the room, such as a study space or a reading nook.

Upgrade the closet.

This involves either remodeling the current space to create a better-organized closet area or expanding the space— if the extra square footage is available —to create a walk-in closet. The functional improvement can be significant, allowing for the storage of more garments that are easier to retrieve.

Lay new flooring.

If your bedroom flooring is outdated or decaying (such as fraying wall-to-wall carpet), a new floor can offer an immediate visual improvement. Also, old flooring that is deteriorating is unhealthy, creating dust and trapping allergens. Bedroom-friendly hardwood and cork options are now available.

Any of the bedroom renovations described above will have an immediate impact on the livability of your house. As people spend a huge amount of time in the bedroom, a renovation to this room can make a real and positive difference in the lives of the occupants.